Crafting digital experiences that enrich lives and empower businesses.

When we design for humans, we start by understanding their needs, wants & frustrations they feel but can’t say out loud.

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We create designs that can adapt to new technologies and trends, while maintaining a consistent and cohesive user experience.

A forward-thinking digital

design studio




that resonate

A forward-thinking digital design studio deliveries subtle experiences that resonate

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Our Vision

At Hucentric, we see the people who interact with our designs as more than just mere users. Designing for humans means taking into account the diverse range of abilities, cultures, and experiences that people bring to the table.

It means creating designs that are inclusive, accessible, and respectful of all users, regardless of their background or circumstances.

What We Offer

Our company offers a range of services to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

01/ Digital Strategy

02/ UI/UX Design

03/ Web Design

04/ Accessibility Design

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Our Team of Experts

Meet our talented and dedicated team

Anezka Virani

With 5+ years of product design expertise at Microsoft, Aditya Birla Health Insurance, and EY, Anezka drives innovation and fosters a growth-oriented design culture at Hucentric.

Co Founder

Amit Jain

With 15+ years in banking software, Amit, a serial entrepreneur and IT professional, gained expertise at Infosys, National Australia Bank, and Bendigo & Adelaide Bank.

Co Founder

Swati Viswajit

A versatile designer with a passion for creating innovative and inclusive designs, believes in the transformative power of design to make a positive impact, one pixel at a time.

Senior UX Designer & Researcher

Collaborating with Hucentric made us feel like we had an in-house design team. They revamped our Whiteboard and Kanban board, leading to increased retention. Highly recommend their exceptional branding services.

Shreekant Pawar


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The designs that Hucentric have given us are fantastic. They understood our thought process and took efforts to understand the jargon and science of the product. When we started, I thought let's go with the flow, but it ties up beautifully in the end. I will be giving Hucentric's example whenever I get an opportunity.

Nikhil Mirji

Founder, Elevare Sports

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Hucentric's dedication to top-tier UX design has been priceless for DigiEnrol. Their understanding of our unique needs and creative problem-solving have been pivotal in our success, and we highly value our partnership for future UX milestones.


Co-Founder, DigiEnrol

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