Dexter Ventures is a micro VC fund dedicated to supporting pre-seed and seed-stage startups in India. They’re now expanding their presence in the seed-stage ecosystem.


Website Design


Venture Capital

Design Lead



Ashutosh, Divyansh, Tanmay


Dexter Ventures aimed to cultivate a singular brand identity that authentically mirrors its distinctive philosophy. Our challenge was to devise a website that effectively communicated their ethos and supported their expansion into the seed-stage ecosystem.

Crafting Dexter Ventures Journey of Investment Philosophy and Growth

In our collaboration with Dexter Ventures, we meticulously designed their website to showcase their investment philosophy, goals, and mission, and emphasize the importance of their team members, partners, and portfolio companies. We curated insights across diverse categories and sectors, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of Dexter Ventures' dynamic approach to supporting pre-seed and seed-stage startups in India.

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