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Noynica, Deeva

Project Overview

Elevare Sport is a community-focused platform designed exclusively for cricket players and coaches to enhance their efficiency, strategies, and practices both during training and in real matches. The goal was to deliver an exceptional user experience for both coaches and players, incorporating the best design practices to provide a reliable, engaging, and accurate app.


Existing cricket coaching and fitness apps failed to address the unique needs of cricket players and coaches. Players and coaches relied on multiple sources for their training needs, resulting in a disjointed and fragmented approach. The absence of real-time feedback and progress tracking limited the effectiveness of coaching programs, hindering players from achieving their full potential. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Elevare Sport sought concept designs for an MVP coaching app that would provide personalized feedback, progress tracking, and an all-encompassing coaching experience.


To understand the target audience's needs and pain points, extensive research was conducted on cricket players, coaches, and existing cricket coaching and fitness apps. The research revealed that existing platforms lacked personalization and failed to provide comprehensive solutions for cricket players and coaches.


The app's user interface was designed to be simple, intuitive, and easy to navigate. We used a card-based layout that allowed users to view and access different content easily and created a visual hierarchy using different font sizes, weights, and colors. We also designed custom icons consistent with the app's overall aesthetic and helped users quickly identify different features and sections.

To incorporate mathematical calculations for progress mapping, we developed a system that would track players' progress over time and use algorithms to calculate their performance metrics, such as batting average, strike rate, and bowling economy rate. We also provided visual representations of their progress, such as graphs and charts, to help players understand their performance trends.

Key design decisions:
1. Personalized feedback using AI
2. Mathematical calculations for progress mapping
3. Visual representations of progress
4. Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate user interface
5. Card-based layout for easy content access
6. Visual hierarchy using font sizes, weights, and colors
7. Custom icons for quick feature identification

User testing with a diverse group of cricket players and coaches gathered feedback and insights to refine the app's functionality and design.


Our team was able to conceptualize and develop the MVP within just two months, which was a testament to our expertise and commitment to delivering high-quality products. Overall, our collaboration with Elevare Sport on their cricket coaching app was a great success. By delivering the MVP within a tight timeframe, we were able to help Elevare Sport establish its presence in the sports training market.

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